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Winter Cabinets, LLC is a leading Houston based Architectural Millwork and Casework Company. Our Goal is to provide superior millwork and commercial cabinetry that meets and exceeds both AWI Custom Specifications and the needs of our clients.

Having built lasting relationships with architects, designers, and contractors throughout Houston and the surrounding area, Winter Cabinets, LLC has established a reputation for delivering topnotch quality, focused attention to detail, dependability and customer service excellence.

Our highly experienced team has decades of knowledge in expert woodworking and uses state-of-the-art computerized equipment, the latest technology and advanced fabrication techniques. We work diligently with our designers and general contractors to develop highly customized and intricate architectural woodwork that stands out. We are dedicated to using our combined experience to ensure every job is completed on time and with highest quality craftsmanship.

We welcome your inquiries and ideas as well as the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do to earn your business. Please feel free to call or email if we can be of assistance.

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All work meets or exceeds AWI Custom Specifications

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